High Mast & Street Lightning Services

icon High Mast Lightning

We offer our clients with lightning services through high mast for public places, parking area, gardens, road and highways, sports complex, parks, housing and commercial complex and industrial corporate offices. Before framing and implementing our process, we carry out light audit before.


iconStreet Lighting

Our professionals carry out the lightening services for streets. The lightning service is being done with brisk pace and precision. Our light audit before designing of the scheme ensures that the process is done with utmost safety.


iconIndustrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting is a specialized job and requires a great degree of experience. We understand the requirements of today's modern industries and are fully equipped to fulfill their requirements. Lighting is very important at the work place and output of any industry depends on the correct lighting positioning of lamps etc. we have carried out all types of lighting jobs for premier institutions and clients.


icon Area Lighting

We undertake the lightening services for public places, Parking Areas, gardens, Road and highways, sports complex, Parks. These are being rendered by a diligent team of professionals who work as per the industrial standards. We carry out light audit before designing the scheme.