Electrical Appliances

icon Proximity Switches

SensPro's Proximity switches are very compactable for limit space installation.


  • AC/230V/ 2 wire ,DC 3-wire (10-30V DC) Available for Flat and Vertical Pack, Shield and Unshield Plastic case for general automation industry


  • Measuring, Counting, RPM measuring in mechanism, paper manufacture light industry, etc


  • Connection : Cable Type (DC Scores Dia. 4mm)
  • Supply Voltage : 230v AC / 10-30VDC
  • Output Mode : NPN, PNP
  • Output Type : Normal open, Normal close???
  • Output Current (MAX) : 200mA
  • Current Consumption : 8mA
  • Leakage Current : 0.1mA
  • Residualvoltage : 1.5VDC
  • Response Frequency : 500Hz
  • Reverse Polarity Protection:Equipment
  • Short Circuit Protection : Not Equipment
  • Hysteresis : 10%Ambient
  • Temp/ Humidity : 25"C to SS"C/25% to 90% RH
  • IP Protection Category : IP67
  • Slle (L/W/H) : L/W/H 30/11/8mm; L/W/H 30/11/11mm
  • Remark : Suppiy power SVDC Type is available

iconElectric Enclosure

We manufacture and supply a wide range of best quality enclosures and cabinets that are fabricated from the highest standard of material to resist corrosion and last for long spans of time.


iconTermination Kits

We have been continuously suppiying Termination kits of premium quality to different industries. The power termination capability of these kits is of the best quality.


icon Knife Switch

630 AMP 800 AMP 1200 AMP ZOOAMP 3200 AMP


icon Digital Counter - Timer

10KCPS counting speed counter, 6 digit display counter timer, 48*48,72*72,96"48 mm size counter meter

Digital Counter Timer with following features :

  • Two line 6 digital LED display, counting range up to 999999.
  • Counting speed is up to 1DKCPS, suitable to high speed counting application.
  • NPN / PNP input selectable, selected by software menu.
  • Prescaie coefficient value setting range 0.001 to 99.999, easy to transform input pulse to actual physical value, such as length, convenient to read directly.
  • Up to two alarm output (counting / length counting), and one batch counting output.
  • As timer, up to 9 timing mode for seiection
  • 5 different panel size for seiection, biggest size up to 80Hx160Wmm, with large LED display
  • Switching power supply 100-240V AC/DC, suitable to different power supply

icon Industrial Switch Sockets Box

3 socket 16A 220V 3 pole 3 socket 32A 380V 5 pole 3MCB 16A 1 pole 3MCB 32A 3 pole Distribution box Various box's dimensions Full series socket choice Uniform panel size MCB/RCD/RCBO/FUSE protection available Flexible design and customized-on-demand Safetyguard Device


iconsafety guard Device

A safety guard device for a power press having a space constituting a path for inserting and taking out work pieces. An electrical connection is provided between the operation system of the press and the operation control circuit of the unit, which connection is such that it becomes disconnected when moving the unit.


icon Breaker Substation

We undertake installation of EHV Substations of 22 KV, 33 KV. These involve Breakers and the switchyards are of radial or Lilo type. Our professionals ensure that the process is in compliance with the industrial standards.